Hey guys!! Welcome to my brand new website. My name is Nina North. For those of you who don’t know me I am an adult actress A.K.A porn star going on my third wonderful year in the adult industry. It’s been a wild ride shooting for various companies in many sex scenes. I’ve shot You’ve probably seen me as a sexy teen, schoolgirl, step-something, cheerleader, yoga teacher, college girl, etc. You get the picture. Most of you reading this have seen me play many characters but I want to tell you a little about the real me.

Off camera I’m just a normal, happy, North Carolina girl living in the fascinating city of Sunny Los Angeles. I have two lovely little pets Milli the dog and Lana the cat. Ever since discovering my sexuality I’ve been a sexually explorative girl always getting myself into naughty situations. I was born and raised as a sweet southern girl in a big, hispanic family. I never expected my life to lead me here but I live it with no regrets. As a Pisces I truly believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason. I was meant to be here and I will live everyday of this crazy life like an adventure. Thank you all for supporting my work and showing me love! xoxo, Ninz.