Hi loves, my first few videos are up on Pornhub and X videos!! You can find these on the homepage and “Videos” section. I’ve been working really hard on finally being able to create and release my own content for you guys. It’s finally here and I have absolutely no intention of slowing down. I will be posting at least one video per week. Get ready to see all the crazy, naughty, and slutty things I come up with and get into all on my own. Eventually, I’m hoping to expand and make videos with some of your favorite female porn stars! I’m planning on integrating lots of fun aspects from my personal life into the videos and photosets I release. Giving you guys both an invite into my life and hot content to get off to is such a treat for me. For a while I’ve been wanting to expand into the world of creating my very own scenes vs just shooting whatever companies want me to. Now I can be able to proudly say that I’m doing it and doing it big. I’ll be working constantly to better my craft and be the best I can be. I’m beyond excited to put my sexual creativity to the test. So far I have five videos up and ready to view. This week as well as every week in the future I’ll be shooting three new scenes! You can be sure to expect this level of consistency from me always. I can’t wait to get nasty for the whole world to see! Feel free to either leave me comments on my videos or shoot me an email and let me know what kind of videos you would like to see. I hope you have watched or will check out my current videos in the near future. Make sure you subscribe to my page on both PornHub and XVideos to constantly stay updated. I promise you’ll want to. A major bonus is the content is all FREE for you to watch. Yes, its all absolutely free. I’m very happy and satisfied with my decision to put my personal content out on free for user sites. This is my gift to all my amazing old and new fans, thank you for being you!

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