The Store

Hi! I’m super excited to finally present you guys with a professional platform to buy my merch. For a while now I’ve been selling things such as my used panties, Skype shows, custom videos, and things of the such through my twitter. I regularly get inquiries from fans about what things I offer and for what price. I have created the “store” page on my new website to provide you all with an organized and secure way to buy fun things from me. All store goodies are final price and non-refundable. I plan on handling shipping 1-3 days from the time your order is placed. I’ll be offering Skype shows for your choice of 15, 20, and 30 minutes with prices listed on the store page. I will also be offering a “custom video” section where you can send in your request for a personalized video for anywhere between 5 to 40 minutes long. Be sure to contact me with exactly what you would like your video to consist of and I will promptly respond and let you know if I am able to complete your request. You can choose the type of scene (options will be listed under custom videos on the store page). Other choices include, but aren’t limited to the type of outfit you want me to wear, requesting hair and make up specifics, content of the scene, and dialogue of your choosing. Keep in mind this video is being made especially for you and will not be seen by anyone else. I aim to provide you with a perfectly personalized experience that will make you feel special! Pricing for customs will be discussed directly and will be based on a variety of factors, base pricing will be provided on the store page. My personal favorite store goodie is the “panty package”. This includes a pair of my favorite worn panties, two signed polaroid pictures, and a hand-written letter from me decorated with a kiss from my favorite lipstick and a spritz of my perfume. Have a favorite scene of mine? I will be offering you a change to buy articles of my clothing from specific scenes. I will be listing all the clothing options as well as photos of me wearing them from the scene and prices for each. If you have a specific piece you’re just dying to get your hands on, head to the contact page and I will let you know if it is available. These are just some of the many goods and services I will be providing you at the store. Thank you for shopping with me and supporting my store! Xx, Nina.

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